Pamukkale & Lake Salda Tour


If you haven't seen Pamukkale yet, which is one of the most popular among the tourists all the time, we prepared a perfect combination for you.

Pamukkale and Lake Salda Tour is our new offer with a proprietary program without visiting shops unnecessarily. We highly recommend it. The tour will be guided by an English speaking guide. The price includes Breakfast-Lunch

Enjoy a Pamukkale tour with Lake Salda

The trip to Pamukkale and Lake Salda includes transport and sightseeing of monuments such as: Ancient City of Hiearapolis, Limestone Terraces, Cleopatra's Pool, Cemetary Ruins and Lake Salda.

What will you see during the trip:

Pamukkale which means 'cotton fortress' in Turkish and it is famous for its terraces formed by limestone hot springs. This phenomenon is unique in the world and is included in the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Lime water contains valuable minerals and it is benefical for health, soothes rheumatism, asthma and skin diseases. It is warm 36 C degrees.

During the visit to Pamukkale in your free time you will have chance to see ruins of Hierapolis; Roman Theater, Cemetary ruins, Fountains, Temples and Spa buildings.

Volunteers will be able to take a bath in Cleopatra's Pool. Pamukkale Cleopatra's Pool is an amazing mineral water pool. There are ancient columns sunk there (there was an Agora in ancient times there) and you can swim in a miraculous athmosphere and take benefits of mineral water.

Then, after sightseeing, we will have lunch and set off to relax at the Salda Lake.

Salda is World's 5, cleanest lake. With limpid blue waters and white sandy beaches Lake is named by people Turkish Maldives. It is tectonic lake, the water is rich with soda and hydromagnesite. It is believed that hydromagnesite is good for many dermatological diseases. Another interesting detail about Lake Salda is, science researches on the lake's shorline which was made by NASA. The research compares similarities between Lake Salda and Jezero Crater on Mars where Perseverance rover landed in March 2021. We will spend about an hour here and you will have time to rest and swim. History, sighseeing and unique spots. Pamukkale and Lake Salda Tour is a real experience

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